20190314 - Competition Ready


Are You Ready for Your Ballet Competition?

You can never be too prepared! Being prepared puts your mind at ease and gives you the confidence to perform your best.

1. Organise your stuff

Having a big roomy dance bag to carry all your things helps you to move around easily, and you won’t forget that second bag. Or pouch. Or water bottle.
Multi-compartment bags keep your smaller items organised, so that you can find them easily when you need them.


2. Bring extra essentials

It’s always good to have these extras on hand–hair pins, hair nets, tights and a sewing kit (coming soon).



3. Stay warm

Do light exercises throughout the day (without overexerting your body) and keep your muscles warm to prevent muscle strain. Stretching is also more effective when your muscles are warm!


4. Costume tips

Costumes can cost a lot. One way to save money is to get a good plain base, and layer with embellishments and accessories to suit your variation. You can always reuse it (and change the embellishments and accessories) for another variation.
Keep your costumes in shape using bags designed for tutus or long garments.



5. Wear well-fitted leotards & shoes

It’s important to be comfortable. A well-fitted leotard will help show off your lines during class (especially for competitions with compulsory classes that are judged), and not distract with loose straps slipping or looking untidy.


6. Have the right attitude

Competitions are learning experiences, so focus on doing your best and becoming a better version of yourself.

Enjoy the dance journey!

Featured Dancer: Miko Fogarty
Dance Inspirations by Sonata Dancewear, Thailand, 2016
Photography by: Kai Kai Studio