20190330 - Pointe Shoes Comfort


Make Your Pointe Shoes Comfortable!

Every dancer has individual needs and preferences for staying comfortable on pointe.

The goal for anything you put inside your pointe shoes– padding, spacers, toe tape– is to use the minimum for taking away space in the shoe and limiting injury or abrasion.
Putting too much into your shoes, whether unnecessary spaces or overly thick pads, can affect your fitting, limit your technical development, or even make injury more likely. This is because pointe shoes have to fit snugly and allow you to “feel the floor”.
That doesn’t mean that you should wear no padding at all! A perfect fit makes pointe shoes much less like to cause pain, but most dancers do need at least some protection from impact and abrasion. Without protection, discomfort or injury could stop you from reaching your full potential in pointe work.

Our Favourites

Principal Gel Toe Pad

Gel lining on top cushions and protects the top of your metatarsal area, while there is no gel under, giving you better contact with the floor.

Sponge Toe Supporters

Made with hydrophilic synthetic rubber, designed to fill the empty space between toes, and helps to maintain proper alignment. Trim it to fit your needs.


Don’t know what accessories to get?

Book a pointe shoe fitting appointment with us. Our professional fitters will assist you in finding the best fit available in store, and also advise accordingly what pointe shoes accessories to get.


Enjoy the dance journey!