Pointe Shoe Deco Set

SGD 20.00


As part of our efforts to reuse and recycle, we have put together
a deco kit to give our pointe shoes a second life.

Once past their shelf life, pointe shoes are not recommended 
for dancers to wear as the shoes have weakened, and may not
be able to provide the right support.

Instead of throwing them away, we hope they can re-purposed,
perhaps as a decorative item in your lovely home.

We have included leftover materials from our dancewear and 
costume manufacturing to kick-start your decoration project.

Part of the proceeds will go towards the funds for
Singapore Dance Theatre Trainee Programme.

- A pair of pointe shoes
- 5 small fabric swatches*
- 1 large piece of fabric*
- A packet of trimmings & embellishments*
*Product image is for reference, design of items may vary.

Share with us your fun creations with the hashtag #sonatastyle.
We look forward to seeing your inspirations.